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On your 12-month anniversary of receiving Shipley Energy electricity service, we will calculate the total amount you paid versus what you would have paid receiving your supply from the utility.  If you did not pay less with Shipley Energy, we will send $100 to the name and address on the account.  It's that simple!


Helping our customers save energy and money is something Shipley Energy has been doing for more than 80 years.  We do that by offering competitive rates to let you take control of your energy costs.  The result is savings that makes Shipley Energy the region's smartest energy choice.

We offer a competitive variable rate plan that will guarantee you savings.  Please see the chart below for the new customer rates in your area.

7.99¢ per kWh 8.75¢ per kWh
Variable Rate Price to Compare
7.99¢ per kWh 7.75¢ per kWh
Variable Rate Price to Compare

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Take control of your electricity costs by enrolling with Shipley Energy today.

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Unlike other energy companies, with Shipley Energy there is no sign-up fee or interruption in service.  While we'll provide your home's electricity, your current utility company will continue to read your meter and send you a monthly bill.

  • Save with Shipley Energy

    With our electricity Guaranteed Savings Plan, you'll save on electricity costs or we'll pay you $100.
  • Free Energy Audit

    With our GreenScreen service, a Shipley Energy advisor will screen your home to help you save even more energy and money.
  • Simplify Your Budget

    If you have a budget payment plan with your utility, your payment plan will continue uninterrupted.
  • Outstanding Customer Service

    We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled customer service, both online and through our local call center.

With our Lifetime Protection Plan, a Shipley Energy HVAC technician will be on call for any heating and cooling repair issues.

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