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Pennsylvania homeowners have more choice in where you get your electricity than you may realize. At Shipley Energy, we work with a number of utility companies in central PA and beyond to offer affordable pricing plans that can save you money. Signing up for Shipley Energy doesn’t require leaving your current utility provider — you’ll still receive the same great service you rely on to get back up and running when the power goes out, and you’ll continue to be invoiced the same way.

We offer a competitive variable rate plan that will guarantee you savings.  Please see the chart below for the new customer rates in your area.

9.218¢ per kWh 9.318¢ per kWh
Variable Rate Price to Compare
6.899¢ per kWh 6.987¢ per kWh
Variable Rate Price to Compare

We Know Savings

Helping our customers save energy and money is something Shipley Energy has been doing for more than 85 years. We do that by offering competitive rates to let you take control of your energy costs. The result is savings that makes Shipley Energy the region's smartest energy choice. Call our toll-free number today for your no-obligation home electricity quote.

How It Works

Utility companies such as PECO, PPL, Met-Ed, and UGI are responsible for delivering electricity to your home, servicing the grid, and handling all administration and billing for residential customers. What they don’t do is generate energy. In fact, PA law stipulates that utility companies cannot charge you more or less than the market price for the energy your home uses. Instead, they make money through delivery charges and other service fees.

However, third party suppliers aren’t bound by the same rules. As a result, Shipley Energy is able to offer discounted home electricity prices compared to the market rate. Choosing us as your supplier doesn’t mean leaving your utility company — instead, we work with them to deliver the best possible rates on your monthly energy bills.

Why It Works

Residential electricity prices are determined partially by consumer demand. When more people are using electricity, such as during the hot summer months, more energy is required and production costs increase. As long as your utility company is buying on the open market, a large portion of your monthly bill — as much as 60%, in some cases — will be affected by these market fluctuations.

When you choose Shipley Energy as your dedicated supplier, we offer below market pricing that potentially saves you money over the course of the year.

About Shipley Energy

Depending on your utility provider, Shipley Energy can offer several home energy rate plans:

  • Variable rate — In the average home, even a small reduction in the amount you pay per kilowatt-hour can translate to considerable savings over the course of a year.
  • Fixed rate — We also offer customers the option of locking in their home electricity rates for a period of several months or longer. This provides an important hedge against rising costs and can help you budget more accurately. Fixed rate home electricity pricing is particularly useful for families with high energy usage.

Enroll Now

Take control of your electricity costs by enrolling with Shipley Energy today.

Enroll Now

Unlike other energy companies, with Shipley Energy there is no sign-up fee or interruption in service.  While we'll provide your home's electricity, your current utility company will continue to read your meter and send you a monthly bill.

  • Save with Shipley Energy

    With our electricity Guaranteed Savings Plan, you'll save on electricity costs or we'll pay you $100.
  • Free Energy Audit

    With our GreenScreen service, a Shipley Energy advisor will screen your home to help you save even more energy and money.
  • Simplify Your Budget

    If you have a budget payment plan with your utility, your payment plan will continue uninterrupted.
  • Outstanding Customer Service

    We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled customer service, both online and through our local call center.

With our Lifetime Protection Plan, a Shipley Energy HVAC technician will be on call for any heating and cooling repair issues.

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