Helping our residential customers save energy and money on heating oil is something Shipley Energy has been doing for more than 80 years. We do that by offering a variety of flexible oil pricing options to let you take control of your home oil energy costs. The result is a savings that make Shipley Energy the region’s smartest heating oil choice.


Shipley Energy offers a variety of residential heating oil pricing options.

Market Price – Your per gallon cost is determined by the current market rates
Fixed Price – Lock in a guaranteed rate for one full heating season
Cap Price (1 or 2 heating seasons) – Never pay more than your capped rate. If costs go below that rate, you get the lower price

Heating seasons start on June 1 and continue until May 31 of the following year.

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  • Save with Shipley Energy

    On average, our heating oil customers save up to $150 per year.
  • Simplify Your Budget

    Our budget plan spreads your energy costs out over a 12-month period, creating equal, manageable monthly payments.
  • No-Run-Out Guarantee

    Our automatic delivery program means you’ll never run out of heating oil. Peace of mind…guaranteed.
  • Free Energy Audit

    With our GreenScreen service, a Shipley Energy advisor will screen your home to help you save even more energy and money.
  • Online Account Management

    MyShipley members can pay bills and track deliveries online, anytime.
  • Green Billing

    Sign up for Shipley Energy’s free Green Bill program and eliminate paper billing.

Shipley Energy’s Lifetime Protection Plan offers free placement for home heating and cooling repairs we can’t fix.

With our Lifetime Protection Plan, a Shipley Energy HVAC technician will be on call for any heating and cooling repair issues.

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